• Name and stage name: Kyle Mikolajczyk (Mick-oh-lie-zick)
    • Instrument:  Guitar
    • Height:6’0
    • Hair/eye color: Brown/brown
    • Influences:All music. Every genre influences me differently. Guns N’ Roses is my favorite  band tho.
    • Greatest moment musically (so far): Recording/releasing our music video. Opening for all the bands that we have.
    • Worst moment musically (so far): Self doubt, lack of appreciation and the dead music scene.
    • Other hobbies of mine: Chilling, my girlfriend, weed/drugs, jammin’ with my side acoustic band Breezeway.

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    • Name and stage name:Taylor Greenshields, T.Greens. The Greens, Greenzer, Greener, T-boy, T-bone, Joe Bone, Hickory Slims, Nasty Greens. 
    • Instrument: The Skins. 
    • Height: Much taller than Steve.
    • Hair/eye color:Black n’ blue.
    • Influences:Mötley Crüe, Van Halen, Cinderella, T.Rex, Led Zeppelin.
    • Something you wouldn’t have guessed about me: I have a fat dog named Billy.
    • Greatest moment musically (so far):Opening for RATT.
    • Worst moment musically (so far): Playing in empty bars.
    • Other hobbies of mine: Partying, petting animals.

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    • Name and stage name: Steve Varcoe, Steve Hazard.
    • Instrument: Bass and lead vox.
    • Height: 5’8
    • Hair/eye color: Red + blue.
    • Influences:Motley CrueGuns n’ Roses,  Megadeth, Van Halen, Steel Panther.
    • Something you wouldn’t have guessed about me: I’m in school to be a chiropractor.
    • Greatest moment musically (so far): Making the first Hazardhead music video.
    • Other hobbies of mine: Music is my only hobby.

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